El Greco, fighter of convictions

A text of Alberto Herreros with a cast of ten actors headed by Ernesto Arias and the collaboration of the actress Rebeca Ledesma. A montage of Lorenzo Caprile wardrobe and scenery of Tiziano Santi that premiered last year at the Festival de Teatro Clásico de Cáceres and coming tonight and tomorrow to the Alcázar with free admission when the Spanish scene suffers, for example, by 21 per cent of the cultural VAT.

«Theatre is held at the cultural need of society and thanks to the vocations of the coworkers of the world», indicates Ernesto Arias, making a break in his busy schedule of trials that will get you the month of July, the days 18 and 19, the Festival of performing arts 'Frinje' of Madrid as director of 'Calderon corpse'.

Experienced in interpretation on the tables with a history linked to the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico and the national drama Centre, as well as the Fundación Siglo de Oro, and known for his appearances in historical series and adventures as 'Isabel' and ' red Eagle ', Ernesto Arias gets into the skin of the Greco in a watershed for the trajectory of the candiota : your visit to Felipe II in El Escorial to become court painter, something that fails.

"This project has been a very interesting challenge. Production is based on a text by Alberto Herreros with a history and a few enough weight issues», says to refer in the course of the talk how el Greco fought for his beliefs and not subjected to power and fashions. «It is a topical subject which we deal in two historic moments: 16th century and Felipe II, and century III D.c. through the work of el Greco 'The martyrdom of St. Maurice and the Theban legion'».

Production can be enjoyed on the Patio of the Alcázar tonight at 22.00 hours, and morning.

Both performances will be free and access will be done by the slope of Carlos V.

Article seen in: La Tribuna de Toledo