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From Spain "Panic stage productions" theatre company arrives to the City Theatre, Esperanza Iris, to present "The Greco and the Theban legion", dramatic work that plays with history and art. The work written by Alberto Herreros, tells two stories from a picture of the famed Greco, painter Greek of late Renaissance who lived much of his life in Spain.

The painting is "the martyrdom of St. Maurice and the Theban Legion", the picture belongs to the period Toledano of the painter; with great influence of the Italian artist Miguel Ángel. El Greco captures the history of St. Maurice and his army, face the Emperor Maximiano in defending his Christian faith. For current baroque painting shows a very particular colorful and plays with the centrality of the issue to locate the main characters on the right side of the box.

With a cast of first sample in scene located to the public in two different temporalities, in the 3rd century, during the decline of the Roman Empire, and in the year 1580 during the reign of Felipe II. The work revolves around the character of Doménikos, el Greco, played by Lino Ferreira, who also plays the servant of St. Maurice, in such a way that the Greco connects jumps in time to show both stories.

First we have the history of Mauritius and his legion formed by Christians with the city of Thebes in Egypt which, under the orders of the Eastern Roman Empire should build a wall to defend the territory of Gaul from Germans. Everything is complicated by the arrival of the Emperor and his desire that the soldiers offered sacrifices to their gods and worship him as God earthly.

While the history of Doménikos realize his visit to el Escorial, Palace which was the residence of the Spanish Royal family. After the death of the painter Navarrete, the mute in 1579, the King Felipe II instructs the most renowned painters of the time, works to decorate his palace and praise his reign. El Greco created "the martyrdom of St. Maurice and the Theban Legion" to enhance the defense of the Catholic faith, one of the missions of King Philip and compare it with San Mauricio. After the impression that will cause your picture in court, el Greco will look for becoming the new King camera painter.

Thanks to the talent of the direction of Ignacio García and Natalia Mateo, the staging of both stories is a wonder that manages to create an atmosphere of tension in the Viewer. On the other hand the scenery made by Tziano Santi, although simple gets perfectly environmental sample onstage, while the costumes carried out by Lorenzo Caprile is great loyalty to times that seeks to emulate, from costumes of Centurions of the Thebans to the costumes to the Spanish Baroque fashion.


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